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19 Sep

The value of trust and transparency in startups

Corporate transparency can be a contentious issue, particularly in the UK. It is a word that makes many...

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01 Sep

Top tips for Pitching to Investors, P70-71

Truffles do have that love-it-or-hate-it quality; one man’s smelly, knobbly fungi is another man’s culinary treasure...

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31 Aug

The Tej Kohli Foundation launches Drishti Rath – the eye clinic on wheels- copy

The Tej Kohli Foundation has today launched Drishti Rath – an Eye Clinic on Wheels, the first mobile eye clinic of its type in I...

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28 Aug

The Tej Kohli Foundation’s corneal transplant mission in India helps its 100th patient

When Chander Dutt, a 60-year-old resident of Delhi, underwent a corneal transplant surgery on February 9 this year, he became the...

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